Our Story

When we first discussed creating a clothing brand in our freshman year dorm room we wanted to build something bigger than just a couple of shirts and hoodies…We knew our brand had to represent our personalities, experiences, and values.

The Hybrid Society Co. is a brand that prides itself on motivating and assisting aspiring hybrid athletes to push themselves to new levels. Having 5% of all profits go to suicide prevention organizations represents the bigger picture of training at an elite level with The Hybrid Society Co. Both of us as Co-Founders have been deeply affected by suicide and we wanted to help these situations in any way we can. When you train and reach a point where your body begins to quit, it is important to find that motivation within you. For us personally, we both connected on the fact that we often think about loved ones we lost to push through these tough moments. At The Hybrid Society Co. we are all one big family that motivates each other. By wearing one of our products you are showing people that your're willing to push beyond your limits.

The Hybrid Society Co. truly does have more meaning behind our signature running dumbbell. While we are a clothing brand for hybrid athletes, we are also a company who prides itself on giving back. Our brand’s goal is to create a supportive community of people who will work together towards a common goal. Whatever it may take for you to push through, let The Hybrid Society Co. help you do it and most importantly, BANG WEIGHTS, BANG MILES, AND GET BIG!